Freedom in the USA is a perception, not reality

Freedom in the USA is a perception, not reality [trGgl]
4:17 pm

The filmmaker and activist from Los Angeles, Dutch Merrick
Dutch Merrick, activist and filmmaker from Los Angeles, says he believes that "freedom" in the United States is a "perception" rather than "reality" while American protesters in the streets are calling for a change in the political system and economic development.

Merrick says U.S. communities.  will also be involved in the Movement is at a Wall Street "neighborhood to neighborhood" in many U.S. cities.
On the way to their targets at the "neighborhood to neighborhood," the protesters may face "some difficulties that come with it," Merrick said on Tuesday. But he added, "that's what has to happen for the system change."

Merrick said the poverty gap in the United States has been growing extensively. "Over the past 30 years, there has been a deliberate effort to destroy the middle class" that was formed after the Second World War.

He went on to say that the recession in the country still has not ended. There may be terminated for "parts of Wall Street" but not for what we call "Main Street" (Main Street).
Source: Press TV

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