50 Great Examples Of Painting With Light

by Sunalini Rana
Light graffiti, which is more commonly known as Light painting is a technique related to photographic, wherein a darkened place is used as a object and the exposure is made by a Camera or another light source to create awesome objects and figures. Nights, specially Moonless nights are considered excellent for creating a Light Painting.

You can also try this technique in a darkened room if you want to create a light painting at the comfort of your place. Today we have collected some groovy Light Paintings that will surely lit the idea of doing such a experiment yourself too. Please have a look.
Painting with light
Light painting
Painting with Light - Laptop
Creature of the Light
Painting with light
Candle Light
Light Painting Attempt
First try at Light Painting
Light people in bed
Light Painting: Batman
Light Painting Olympics
Vancouver | Light painting of the devil
Light Paint - Phone Call
Light painting
Light Painting, False Conflagration
051/365 Light Painting !! Self Portrait.
Light painting in public
Love At First Light (Light Painting), Kent [Explored]
Day 47: Light Painting
The Mr Light Saga - Mr Light is light painting
light painting ballon flowers
light painting public toilet idea
feb light graffiti 032
Light painting - Sharen Burns
light painting terminator
Sax A Phone
ight painting photo shooting
SCC Digital Photography 2 Class - Group Light Painting
light painting autoretrato
light painting
Lighted Hula-Hoop Dancer Light Painted
DSC09033 - Burning Man 2009 - Light Painting
Light Painting in the New Year
Light Painting 101
Painting with Lights
light painting the playground
Light Painting Balandru
Painting with light
Light Painting 1
Light people in bed
Light Painting Experiment 2

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