The urgency of an independent women's movement against the debt and austerity measures

The urgency of an independent women's movement against the debt and austerity measures trGgl

Why an independent movement of women against the debt and austerity measures in Greece?
And it seems that the debt crisis and the austerity measures that are mainly hit us us women in all aspects of our lives. So, if we (self) organize to resist, no one will do it for us ...
But why the debt crisis and the austerity measures hit especially women?
Because neoliberal austerity in times of the debt crisis is particularly aimed at all that remains of the welfare state and public services. Through the dismantling or privatization of public services, the State discharges its obligations to social protection to its citizens had taken to transfer them-again-to the family. This is how the care of children, the sick, elderly and dependent people, including distressed and unemployed young people move from state responsibility to the family And all this also absolutely free!
However, the notion of family is very general and abstract. In fact, and everyone knows it inside the family are almost exclusively women who bear the burden, and without being paid, of all fundamental social obligations of the State. So kill two birds with one stone: First, the neoliberal state definitely gets rid of their social deficits that "deepening deficits and public debt" and, secondly, forces us to assume working for free.
In other words, women are forced to replace the welfare state ...
Yes, but there's more. We are the target of all their policies Memorandums for an additional reason, which is the other side of the coin: We suffer first layoffs accompanying the dismantling or privatization of public services, social protection of all kinds, because we are the vast majority of wage earners in these services.
The conclusion is simple and involves hundreds of thousands of workers in our country: not only are the first to be laid off with no hope of readmission, especially if we are mothers of childbearing age. Not only are we in mass unemployment, especially youth who have no professional future. Not only are we doomed to poverty and insecurity, but we also loaded with tasks and jobs that belong to the state, with all that implies of fatigue, stress, premature aging, unpaid labor and additional costs.
Yes, but also some say, with the state on the head, as ever, the church, that's how women fulfill its true mission, which is devoted to his home and family.
Of course, not just say it, but shout it out loud because it requires that its inhumane policy has Memorandums of ideological packaging. This is a sales propaganda which uses the most reactionary sexist clichés only to cover the ferocity of its neoliberal policies. On the other hand, we see what looks like a paradox: The alliance between the rage of capitalist politicians, which is the austerity of the Memorandums violent, and the bearers of the obscurantist theories that seek to persuade another time that " nature "of women imposed themselves invisible to deal exclusively with their 'work' as a mother or wife in the family. It is the marriage of Memorandums of the IMF and the EC will seek to "modernize" the bastions of patriarchy and misogynist anachronistic are the church and the right or the extreme right.
It's just propaganda, or is there practical implications for women ...
Yes, here there is not just theory and propaganda. The worst thing is that we suffer catastrophic concrete everyday life. Simply speaking, all this going back to a distant past is accompanied by measures aimed at women take those rights won through the struggles of recent decades. The Holy Alliance Capital and Patriarchy in fact abolishes our right to work and therefore to economic independence. Constrains us back to a life without autonomy. We are treated like slaves charged with tasks and responsibilities formerly assumed welfare state.

 He claims that in our 'nature' of women to serve both child care, nursing home, hospital, restaurant, psychiatric, laundry, tutoring and even unemployed INEM for the family. And all this for free, without any remuneration, without any recognition, because she's in her blood 'sacrifice' for others, with the result that does not have time to breathe, to look after his own personality, to participate actively in public affairs.

All this must be very expensive to women ...
Yes, of course. Not only is this tension make us age prematurely everyday, is that all this sexism around the supposed "feminine nature" goes hand in hand with the treatment of women as inferior beings, whose body is considered at all times available and who is allowed to vent any man. There is thus no coincidence that cases of violence against women, and countless, multiply in the capitalist era memos.
For all these reasons, among others even more numerous, the conclusion is simple: Our resistance against this offensive directed against us by the government of the Troika and the Memorandums passes through our self-organization and development of an independent and autonomous movement women against the debt and austerity. And not just because nobody else will do in our place, but because capitalism and patriarchy are so intertwined that all battle each other to one of these tyrants will not direige cojosi equally against the other ...

Mitralias Sonia is the founder of the Women's Initiative Against Debt and the Austerity Measures in Greece.

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